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Dispute Resolution Consultations

We provide consultations with clients to develop cooperative-based strategies that take into account the interests of all those concerned. We can work with you to identify your needs and those of the others involved, assess your resources, and develop a strategy.

We can help you create a workable plan and ultimately communicate your requests in a way that can be received by people who might not have listened in the past. The other party often becomes a full participant in the dialogue as a result.

Mediation consulting is useful in resolving custody and guardianship issues, family divisions, separations, estate issues, employee/employer disputes, professional conflicts, contractual matters and circumstances in which cooperation is called for but appears to be out of reach. Even if a situation must eventually go through legal proceedings, we can save our clients time and money by helping them first to frame their needs and requests in as fair and non-confrontational a manner as possible and then to develop strategies to bring about the best possible outcome for all. Our efforts will complement those of any other involved service providers such as human resource professionals, financial advisers, lawyers or guardians.